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In cases of divorce or separation, mediation may be a good option. Mediation precludes often long and expensive legal proceedings and it offers people the opportunity to discuss tailor-made solutions. Mediation is especially recommended when a divorce or separation involves children.
The mediator guides the parties through communication and negotiations. The mediator is impartial and safeguards the interests of both partners and their children.
Both parties are encouraged to realise the (real) interests behind the positions they have adopted and communicate and negotiate with each other in a structured way.

The mediator will see to it that everything that will have to be arranged will be discussed.
In the final phase of the process, the results that have been achieved and the arrangements that have been made will be translated, legally speaking, “in the shadow of the law” and will be laid down in an agreement.
The mediation process is a step by step process. One after the other, the relationship phase, the practical phase and the legal phase will come up for discussion.

If necessary, other experts may be called in, a fiscal expert, for instance, or an accountant, or an expert with regard to children, such as a remedial educationalist or a child psychologist.

Experience has taught us that the arrangements achieved through mediation are better observed and communications work better in the “after marriage”. This also has a positive effect on the children.
We are all very experienced mediators and our success rate is high. We are members of the (Vereniging voor Familie- en Erfrechtadvocaten en Scheidingsmediators), the Dutch Association of Family Lawyers and Divorce Mediators and MfN [Mediatorsfederatie Nederland, Netherlands Federation of Mediators].
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