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Laura Leunissen

Mediation if possible, litigation if necessary.
Laura Leunissen has been a lawyer since 1998. Initially, she worked as a general legal advisor and litigator. In 2002, Laura specialised in employment law. From 2005, Laura has been specialising in the law of persons and family law and subsequently in divorce mediation and in inheritance law.
In a family law practice it isn’t only legal and professional issues that play an important role, but also emotional ones. To come to an arrangement that can help both (former) partners and their children to come to terms with the situation, Laura prefers mediation or other ways to find solutions for the problems that have arisen between (former) partners. When an amicable settlement appears not to be feasible within a reasonable period of time, litigation may be the only way out. Laura’s clients can then count on her experience, skills and abilities to protect their best interests in court.
Laura has a sound knowledge and much experience in the field of inheritance law, both in giving advice and in litigation. In complex disputes Laura’s aim is to find practical solutions, together with her clients.
Laura’s current specialisms include: the law of persons and family law in a broad sense, inheritance law and (divorce) mediation.

E-mail: leunissen@chambersadvocaten.nl

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Laura read Dutch law at Leiden University. She also completed the following training programmes successfully:
Inheritance Law, Leiden University,
vFAS (Dutch Association for Family Law Lawyers and Divorce Mediators) Mediation Basic and Specialty Training Programme
vFAS Family Law Specialty Training Programme
Employment Law Specialty Training Programme at Grotius Academie
Training Programme for the legal profession.
Laura is a member of:
vFAS (Dutch Association for Family Law Lawyers and Divorce Mediators)
Mediatorsfederatie Nederland (MfN) [Netherlands Federation of Mediators]
Vereniging Erfrecht Advocaten Nederland (VEAN) [Dutch Inheritance Lawyers Association
Vrienden van het Mauritshuis [Friends of the Mauritshuis Foundation]
Laura entered the following (sub) fields of law in the Dutch fields-of-law register of the Nederlandse Orde van Advocaten (NOvA) [Netherlands Bar Association]:
– Law of Persons and Family Law;
– Inheritance Law

Based on this registration and in compliance with NOvA [Netherlands Bar Association] standards, Laura has to obtain ten training points for each registered main field of law in each calendar year.