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Mr. J.A. (Annette) van Keulen

Mr. J.A. (Annette) van Keulen

‘Problems are opportunities in disguise’

With her humour, warmth and commitment, Annette van Keulen gives her clients a perspective on a new future when they are at a turning point in their lives. As a mediator, collaborative divorce lawyer or general lawyer, she offers her clients expert individual/customised solutions. Of course these solutions have to beĀ  enduring/lasting solutions.

Annette qualified as a lawyer in 1978 and already during her studies at Rotterdam Erasmus University, she showed an interest in subjects such as psychology and social psychology, child psychiatry and juvenile law. She was a teacher at the Dutch professional training institute for lawyers/legal professionals (Beroepsopleiding Advocatuur).
She does not avoid any complicated legal and fiscal problems in the field of family law and manages to solve them almost every time.
Since 1995, Annette has been an active member of the Dutch association of family law lawyers and divorce mediators (vFAS).

In 2008, Annette was one of the initiators of the Dutch collaborative divorce association. She is an enthusiastic lecturer/ speaker on the subject. Together with expert and specially trained lawyers, coaches and financial professionals, she forms the Randstad Collaborative Divorce Group (Groep Overlegscheiding Randstad).

Annette has many international contacts, also because of the work she does for the Dutch collaborative divorce association. She is currently engaged in the formation of a European collaborative divorce platform.
Since 2005, Annette has been a deputy justice at the Family Division of the Amsterdam Court of Appeal.

E-mail: keulen@chambersadvocaten.nl