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Mr. A.B. (Angela) Sluijs

Mr. A.B. (Angela) Sluijs

Angela Sluijs is a lawyer for 20 years and a divorce mediator since 2002. She is specialized in family law and inheritance law. Her way of working is based upon expertise, involvement en reliability. Important characteristics, because in her discipline it is about real people with real problems.

Angela is an active member of the Dutch association of Family law lawyers and divorce mediators (vFAS) and registered with the mediators federation of the Netherlands (www.mediatorsfederatienederland.nl). Angela completed the latest education for inheritance law of the vFAS in 2015 and is proud to call herself an expert on inheritance law.

Angela has an extensive experience in all areas of the process of divorce, ranging from alimony, disputes on property en care schemes. If possible she prefers to find a solution in mutual agreement, especially when children are involved in a divorce. During mediaton Angela is looking with her clients into possibilities for improving the communication between the two parties. She monitors the interests of both parties and has an open eye and a listening ear for emotions. If mediation is not an option: Angela also has the expertise to assist you as a trial lawyer.

Angela has been secretary of the Association of Family and Youth law (FJR). She was head of the school board of Jenaplanschool de Kring in Oegstgeest. She lives in Oegstgeest en is socially and sportively active.

If preferred by the client meetings can also take place outside the Chambers offices in The Hague (for instance in Oegstgeest where Angela lives herself). A first explorative meeting of half an hour is free of charge.

E-mail: sluijs@chambersadvocaten.nl