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Guardianship, administration and curatorship

Guardianship, administration and curatorship

If a person who is under age cannot look after his/her interests, because of a psychological disorder for instance, this person, or somebody from their immediate circle, preferably a relative, may apply to a subdistrict court (kantonrechter) for a guardianship order. The court will then appoint a guardian who can take decisions about the assets, but also about the personal interests of the person subject to a guardianship order. The guardianship order will be published.

If it only concerns a person’s assets, so-called protective administration will be sufficient.

If it concerns only a person’s personal interests, such as medical issues, a curatorship will be sufficient.

On 1 May 2007, the recommendations concerning curatorship were made by the National Consultative Committee for the Chairmen of the Subdistrict Courts (Landelijk Overleg Kantonrechtervoorzitters). These recommendations are regularly revised and can be found on www.rechtspraak.nl.