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Collaborative divorce

Collaborative divorce

You would prefer not to be adversaries in divorce proceedings, but you would not like to share a lawyer-divorce mediator either? In the collaborative divorce process, the partners, their lawyers and other advisers, such as an accountant, a coach, a child expert, work together. This will be done in such a way that you can terminate your marriage or your relationship with respect for each other and your family and its history, and make arrangements that suit you both. This type of divorce has become popular since 2008 and is originally from the United States, where it has proved to be very successful. In the Netherlands, too, there are positive experiences in this field. Actually, collaborative divorce is the golden mean between divorce mediation and divorce proceedings in a court with a lawyer for each spouse.

For more information, please check www.overlegscheiding.com.

It is the website of the Dutch collaborative divorce association (Vereniging Collaborative Divorce Holland). Annette van Keulen en Marion Drielsma are members of this association.

In the western part of the Netherlands,called “Randstad” a good team of lawyers, coaches and financial experts has come into being that can easily form an expert collaborative divorce team to assist you quickly and expertly. This “think tank” will quickly work out good, creative solutions. For more information, please check www.overlegscheidingrandstad.nl.

What is the advantage of collaborative divorce?

The collaborative divorce team has all the know-how to arrive at a good result, avoiding “a battle of experts” in lengthy and expensive legal proceedings. The costs are higher than for mediation, but lower than for adversarial proceedings.