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Advice on prenuptial agreement marriage settlements (Huwelijkse voorwaarden)

Advice on prenuptial agreement marriage settlements (Huwelijkse voorwaarden)

Chambers Advocaten will help you draw up and review your marriage settlement: ‘prenups’.

We will keep in mind that the deed containing the marital terms will reflect the intentions of the parties. In divorce proceedings, we often notice that the interests of the parties are not clear and that this causes conflicts at a later stage.

It is important that spouses realise and also express to each other that they are open to the other spouse’s ideas. During these conversations, subjects such as bankruptcy, death and invalidity should also be discussed. Furthermore, the so-called exclusion clause in a last will and testament will be explained and information will be given about the relevant standards and relevant legal standards.

We will listen carefully to your wishes and expectations for the future.

The advantages of calling in a lawyer mediator are:

Parties are in a better position to realise what they will be signing when a lawyer mediator explains what their experiences are in the unexpected event of a divorce: it will be their prenuptial agreement, stating their interests in their own words;
Parties are encouraged to think about what their married life will be like (who will work less when there are children, for instance);
Prenuptial agreements come to life more for the parties concerned;
The chance that the parties will comply with their marriage settlement increases strongly;
Both parties come to recognise the necessity for a periodic review of their marriage settlement much better;
A lawyer mediator provides more value for money and can show this to both parties.