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About Chambers


Chambers Advocaten is a well-established law firm in The Hague. We are specialists in family law and focus on divorce cases, maintenance payments or alimony, contact or visitation arrangements and inheritance law.
Chambers Advocaten handles both national and international cases.
We give our clients sound advice that is tailored to their personal needs and specific situations. We strongly believe in a personalised approach. Therefore, from the very start, our clients will be assisted and represented by the same, experienced lawyer.
We combine legal expertise with our own experiences in life and this enables us to offer quality services with a great deal of empathy.
Our law firm is situated at Benoordenhout in The Hague, close to the Clingendael Institute, and can easily be reached, both by car and public transport. Excellent parking facilities are available.
Appointments outside regular office hours are possible upon request.

About Chambers Advocaten
A divorce is often a complicated and emotional process. Difficult decisions have to be made regarding the children, the family house, finances, etc. Also, many years after a divorce, a changed situation may require new solutions. The lawyers at Chambers Advocaten are specialised in guiding people through these processes.
Whenever possible, we handle a divorce using mediation or through the process of collaborative divorce. If necessary, we will conduct legal proceedings and we do this with panache and determination.
We consider warm-heartedness and commitment of paramount importance, yet will not lose sight of efficiency and effectiveness.

All lawyers at Chambers Advocaten are member of the Dutch Association of Family Law Lawyers and Divorce Mediators (vFAS). In addition, one of our lawyers is a member of the Dutch Collaborative Divorce Association (Vereniging van Collaborative Professionals).
Chambers Advocaten has a large network of external advisors that may be relied upon whenever the situation demands it, but always in close consultation with the client.

Marion Drielsma
is well known for her ability to offer practical and feasible solutions in legal and emotionally complex matters. She has more than 30 years’ experience as a lawyer.
After a thorough training in general advisory and litigation practice, Marion gradually took up more and more family law. In addition to being a family law lawyer, she has been a divorce mediator since 1995. She is an active member of the Dutch association of family law lawyers and divorce mediators (vFAS) and of the Dutch collaborative divorce association (VCDH). Sensible to and aware of the needs of children of divorcing parents, she is an excellent communicator with such children and attempts to include their specific needs in an overall settlement in everybody’s interests. Marion is capable of applying her ample experience both in the court room and as a mediator in the many-faceted aspects of family law. She focuses on divorce, maintenance and contact or visitation arrangements, both in a national and international context.
Marion is the co-author of the book “Op eigen kracht. Scheiden en de kunst van een gelukkig(-er) leven” [ “Turning the corner/On your own. Divorce and the road to a happy life.”] (Thema, 2010)
E-mail: drielsma@chambersadvocaten.nl

Annette van Keulen
With her humour, warmth and commitment, Annette van Keulen gives her clients a perspective on a new future when they are at a turning point in their lives. As a mediator, collaborative divorce lawyer and general family lawyer, she offers her clients expert individual, lasting solutions.
Annette qualified as a lawyer in 1978 and already during her studies at Rotterdam Erasmus University, she showed an interest in subjects such as psychology and social psychology, child psychiatry and juvenile law. She does not avoid any complicated legal and fiscal problems in the field of family law and manages to solve them time and time again.
Since 1995, Annette has been an active member of the Dutch association of family law lawyers and divorce mediators (vFAS). In 2008, she was one of the initiators of the Dutch collaborative divorce association. It was Annette who introduced the concept of collaborative divorce into the Netherlands. She is an enthusiastic lecturer/speaker on the subject. She is a member of the Randstad Collaborative Divorce Group (Groep Overlegscheiding Randstad), together with expert and specially trained lawyers, coaches and financial professionals.
Annette has many international contacts. She was the first president of the collaborative divorce platform, the ENCP.
Annette is a certified MFN Mediator.
Since 2006, Annette has been a deputy justice at the Family Division of the Amsterdam Court of Appeal.
Email: keulen@chambersadvocaten.nl

Emma Geleijns
is known for her constructive, helpful and often creative solutions. Her approach is efficient and energetic, without losing sight of the emotional aspects of a case. She specialises in maintenance issues.
Emma studied law at Leiden University and the University of Dundee in Scotland. Emma qualified as a lawyer in 1993, worked first in Dordrecht and – from 1998 – in The Hague. From the outset, she specialised in the law of persons and family law in all its aspects; first as a lawyer and since 2000 also as a divorce mediator. Emma is an active member of the Dutch association for family law lawyers and divorce mediators (vFAS). She is experienced in all kinds of fields related to the divorce process, both in a national and international context, varying from spousal and child maintenance to property settlements and pension matters.
E-mail: geleijns@chambersadvocaten.nl

Angela Sluijs
has been a lawyer for 20 years and a divorce mediator since 2002. She is specialised in family law and inheritance law. Her way of working is based upon expertise, commitment en reliability. Important characteristics, because in her discipline it is about real people with real problems.
Angela is an active member of the Dutch Association of Family Law lawyers and Divorce Mediators (vFAS) and registered with the mediators federation of the Netherlands Federation of Mediators (www.mediatorsfederatienederland.nl). Angela completed the latest training programme for inheritance law of vFAS in 2015 and is proud to call herself an expert on inheritance law.
Angela has extensive experience in all areas of the process of divorce, ranging from maintenance, disputes on property and care arrangements. If possible, she prefers to find a solution in mutual agreement, especially when a divorce involves children. During the mediation process, Angela will be looking with her clients into the possibilities of improving the communication between the two parties. She monitors the interests of both parties and has an open eye and a listening ear when it comes to the emotional aspects. If mediation is not an option: Angela also has the expertise to act for you as a trial lawyer. Angela lives in Oegstgeest and in addition to her work, she is active both in sport and in society and is a member of various networking associations. If preferred by the client, meetings can also take place outside the Chambers Advocaten offices in The Hague (for instance in Oegstgeest). A first explorative 30-minute meeting is free of charge.
E-mail: sluijs@chambersadvocaten.nl